Yesterday was a Good Day

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Today was a good day, or rather yesterday was a good day. I organized and sorted my socks – fun/walking socks and holiday/boring socks. Yes, I have different types; and yes, I did actually spend time sorting them. I mean it’s September I don’t need my Christmas socks or my slipper socks yet. I may have a weakness for unusual socks. Did laundry. Folded it. Put it away. Plus some other random “adulting”. Then after a short nap it was time to leave and start collecting my Boys.

First, we picked up Gavin and Elliott’s and Emmett’s phone from the house. Then we went straight to the school to pick-up Elliott and Emmett. I was so excited. I don’t get to see them or spend time with them nearly enough for any of us. I treasure every moment I have with them when I do.

I can’t cook to save my soul so Mama started dinner earlier and we finished it up once we got home to my place. Homemade fried chicken, garlic noodles, biscuits, corn and sweet tea. It was a country meal if I’ve ever seen one, and I have.

After dinner Gavin, Emmett and I sat down to play a game of Clue. The actual adult version. They have the “kids’ version”, Clue Jr., at their house. We tried to play it a few times and I’ve never been so confused trying to play a kid’s game in my life. So we were all relieved to have the chance to play a different version. We invited Elliott to play with us but he wasn’t interested and I didn’t feel it was a battle which needed fought for the time being. So we left him alone on the couch to do his own thing.

I’m really proud of Gavin and Emmett. The game a bit confusing at first, especially for Gavin. He stuck it out. Watched what Emmett and I did on our turns and picked it right up. He even won the game and solved the murder! He was pretty proud of himself for that. I think that’s definitely a game we will play again in the future because it was fun sort of helping each other figure out “who dun it”. After we finished the game the three of us worked as a team to clean it up; making sure to collect all the player and murder weapon pieces.

While we played the game, Mama would snag one of the Boys here and there to help her make chocolate chip cookies she had prepared the dough for last night.

It was almost time to go and Emmett asked for my help with his homework. In his English class today they spoke about 9/11. His homework was to fill in a worksheet of questions with the answers of someone he interviewed about that day.

Last year, he nearly always finished his homework at school so I never had a chance to help him then. So far this year I haven’t been living at home so I haven’t any chances this year either. The opportunity to help him with his homework and tell him about a very important day in American history was really exciting for me.

I told him where I was when I found out. What I was doing. What I felt as I watched it happen. If it changed how I feel now and how. Plus a few other questions. The topic was unfortunate; however, I was happy to have the opportunity to tell him about it from my point of view.

Then we packed them all up in the car and took them home. We’re going to hang out again on Sunday and while I know that isn’t that far away and the days will fly by; it feels like it’s going to be forever before Sunday gets here.

Overall, it was a good visit. There were factors from last week which played into some of the behaviors tonight but I have faith with time we’ll find a new “normal”, whatever normal is.

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Becky Wiren
Becky Wiren

Sounds like a nice visit.

Becky Wiren
Becky Wiren

I get it about the socks. I bought a bunch to wear around the house during the last 13 months while I’ve been recuperating from several surgeries. I have warm socks with cats, colors and other such stuff.