My First David Archuleta Concert

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My Mama has been obsessed with David Archuleta, sorry a “fan”, since David was a contestant on American Idol. She has a group of friends whom she met on Twitter, “The FoDs”, which stands for “The Fans of David.” In all the years she’s been friends with them, I never realized until this weekend how many of them there were. I always thought it was just my Mama and her Twitter friends but there are so many more from all over the globe. It’s unreal.

I had every intention of going to see what the hype was about, meet Mama’s friends and continue to mock her. That’s not at all how things panned out.  

First of all, it was a Christmas concert and call me what you will, I absolutely loath Christmas music. It starts far to early in the year and I’d be sick of it by Thanksgiving. Now I’m just sick of it. So I went to the concert with two strikes already against it. I was ready for him to sing the same old Christmas carols, however, I found myself in for a pleasant surprise.

He did sing a few of the standard Christmas carols. Most of what he sang were songs he and another song writer wrote about the holiday season. The only non-Christmas song he sang was Crush.

One thing I found refreshing was discovering that David also has a social anxiety disorder. Now I’m not some kind of sadist who likes the fact that he suffers from the same disorder I do, however, it was nice to learn that celebrities are actually human and suffer from the same challenges I have. It was apparent when he was talking between some of the songs that he was uncomfortable doing so. He would trip over his words and laugh nervously. Once the band started to play and it was time to sing, it was obvious that he was in his element and enjoying every second. Once he began to sing his face took on a completely different expression. He smiled, danced and was kind of goofy and having fun. 

His is only the second concert I’ve seen in my whole life. I saw Aerosmith in the Summer of 2015 and now David Archuleta. I didn’t get to meet Aerosmith or shake their hand though. After his concert I went up to the stage with Mama and some FoDs. As he was walking off stage, he was shaking hands with his fans, which I think is very cool and classy by the way. Eventually, he came to me and he shook my hand. I must admit it was a pretty cool experience. Although I did wash my hands when we returned to the hotel room. Like I said, I’m not obsessed, just a fan.

What’s kind of funny is that I have spent years taunting Mama about her obsession with him. I just didn’t see it. Now, I am by no means obsessed with him. I’m not going to stalk him, or send him crazy gifts. What I am going to do, is embrace the fact that I’ve become a fan of his music. I’ll go to concerts with Mama sometimes. I’ll still taunt her once in a while because it’s fun but I will no means taunt her as often as I have been. 

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the concert. In fact, I was prepared to be bored senseless. Imagine my surprise when I found myself wrong on both accounts.