Medical Marijuana and Me

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I’m not quite sure how I should start this post. It feels like writing this is still illegal somehow. I know this isn’t the reality or truth in the situation. It’s just a fear I have developed over the years towards marijuana.

A few months ago, I learned that medicinal marijuana had become legal in the state of Ohio. Not to sound over-excited, but I’ve been waiting for this to happen for years. It is the only thing I haven’t tried for my chronic pain, chronic migraines and PTSD.

The government has made this seem like a headache, a hassle and so difficult to get approved for that it should be feared, which is ridiculous. Although truth be told, I was actually so terrified that I put off applying at all. In reality it’s one of the easiest processes I’ve ever been through with any of my appointments with any of my specialists.

Assuming that you have a Qualifying Illness/Condition and are looking to secure your card. First, I had to go to Ohio’s Medical Marijuana website. (On this site you can find information for your state.) Create an account in order to make an appointment. Once you appointment has been made, they contact you with multiple emails with an intake form.

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Becky Wiren
Becky Wiren

This is great. My younger son and I may go for that marijuana card. We are getting treated with pain meds but it’s not enough. Glad you found something to help!