Let’s Do a Little Rewording

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In my previous post, I said I will not be going into further detail regarding the Boys feelings and experiences during the separation, the divorce and moving forward.

I don’t think that’s what’s best for any of us. I need to be able to talk about my life; however, the Boys need to protected as well. This is the compromise I’ve decided on, for the time being.

I will write about myself, my emotions, my thoughts, my experiences etc.

I will write about my time with the Boys, any hiccups we have along the way, and anything I witness first hand. For example, if I am struggling with one of them in certain situations. I won’t give extensive details regarding any situations; however, I will discuss them because I think it’s important.

I think it’s important they have the ability, should they ever choose to exercise it, to read about things from my point of view. I think it’s also important that other parents are able to see that none of us is the “perfect parent”. There are mothers in the world who do not have sole custody nor are their children living with them. There are also parents who may have chronic illnesses going through a similar situation who feel alone; when in fact, they aren’t.

I will not discuss anything the Boys tell me about their time with Rob. That’s their time and their life. I wasn’t there for those experiences and will not weigh in on them. Innocent pet stuff is exempt because well…..pets are cute and 90% of the time any and all stories involving them are benign.  

Those are my amended guidelines of what to expect from me involving the separation, divorce and the Boys involvement.

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Becky Wiren
Becky Wiren

I’m very sorry. All you can do is your best and go from there. (And I suffer from chronic stuff too, so I know our best may fall far beneath what we wish. But it is what it is.)