I Miss My Grammy

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Just over two weeks ago the world lost another angel. My Grammy was 88 years-old. She sort of helped my mom raise me, along with my Granny who passed away in 2002.

Grammy was sweet, soft and cuddly, but don’t let that fool you. When she was upset over something you did, you knew it. There wasn’t any room for doubt. I lost count over the years when my cousin, Sam, and I would get into a tift over something and Grammy would put each of us on one end of the couch and we had to stay there until we worked it out and could get along again.

As she got older she became more sweet, soft and cuddly. She loved hugs and snuggles, kisses on the cheek. Her favorite thing in the world, besides her family, were hummingbirds. She had at least three different feeders outside her window hoping to one day see one. She never did until just a few days before she passed away. Personally, I think that was at the top of her Bucket List and once it was checked off, she felt fulfilled.

Once when I was spending a couple of days with her, my Aunt Sharon and Sam while my parents on a getaway, Grammy took Sam and me to a craft fair. She bought us each one little thing. We found these tiny little animals and I mean seriously tiny. Sam got a beagle and I chose a gray cat. When we got home Sam and I spent hours mixing water and flour to try and make a dough that would harden. We wanted to make our animals food and homes etc. By the time we were finished, we had accomplished absolutely nothing. We couldn’t get the dough to set no matter how hard or what we tried. We left it out overnight, put it in the freezer, left it out in the sun; nothing worked. They would harden so long as they remained where we had put them. If we tried to play with them, they promptly turned right back into mush. At the end of the day, the kitchen was covered in flour, water, and the funky mixture we had concocted. Grammy didn’t yell. She didn’t get upset. She told us we could play and mix as much as we wanted, but we were cleaning it up and we did. It sucked but we did it and I’d like to think we became a little better kids and eventually adults because of it.

Starting a few years ago I started to insist upon Grammy and I taking a selfie every time we saw each other, it didn’t matter where we were. Up to that point, I didn’t have many photos of the two of us together. I made that mistake before and I wasn’t about to make it again.