I Love My Neurologist and Here’s Why

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A week or so ago, I had my first follow-up appointment with my Neurologist, Dr. Ahmed, at the Cleveland Clinic.

I’ve been saying for years that my migraines aren’t cluster headaches or caused by the muscles around my forehead, face and neck. My migraines are in my head, physically not psychiatrically. My actual brain or more accurately the covering surrounding my brain is what hurts.

Previous neurologists have told me it isn’t possible because there aren’t any nerves in your brain. I know what I feel, how it feels and where the pain is. Do I have a medical degree? No. What I do have is 19 years actual experience with an ever increasing migraine. Not just book knowledge, or a theory I read in college, I have actual day-to-day, real life experience.

Yes, I know I don’t have nerves inside my brain. My brain has a covering which does in fact house nerves. Making it possible for my migraines to feel as if they are inside my brain. Dr. Ahmed was the first neurologist, ever, to agree that it’s possible. That alone made the trip to the Cleveland Clinic worth while for me.

We, Dr. Ahmed, Rob and I, discussed my treatment options. Honestly, I had given up on the idea of a treatment which would work, a treatment I haven’t tried and had fail. Dr. Ahmed had new options for me.

There’s a new migraine preventative available, Aimovig, It has a pretty good success rate, which of course I can’t find. Dr. Ahmed wrote a prescription, giving me the tiniest bit of hope I’d had in over 7 years. Yay?!