Gastroparesis Blows

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I haven’t written in a while and the desire to write just struck, so here I am taking advantage of it. Hopefully, I’ll actually be able to finish it and get it posted. lol

I am absolutely miserable. For the past three days or so I’ve been so nauseous the thought of being around food is more than I can handle. My stomach simply isn’t having it. 

I’ve tried crackers, Ginger Ale, ice water even my marijuana isn’t giving me much relief. I’m not vomiting because Lord knows I might actually feel better if I did and we can’t have that now can we?

It’s stretches of time like this that cause me to actually consider having the botox done on my stomach. At the same time, I have quite enough medical stuff going on at the moment to really be excited to have a procedure done when it may or may not work. I think I’ll pass. I think I’d rather be nauseous and unable to eat, than have Botox injections in my stomach every 6 months.  

My migraine is crazy. Then the nausea that accompanies the migraine meets up with my Gastroparesis. It’s a stupid circle and I can’t even get ahead of the 8 ball and slow it all down. I hope this cycle doesn’t continue much longer. I’d like to eat again, some day.



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Becky Wiren
Becky Wiren

I’m sorry to hear that. I have some gastric stuff but not to your level. And of course, if the migraine resists treatment it worsens your guts. I hope you get some relief soon.