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Yesterday was a Good Day

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Today was a good day, or rather yesterday was a good day. I organized and sorted my socks – fun/walking socks and holiday/boring socks. Yes, I have different types; and… Read more »

#Aimovig vs Medicinal #Marijuana

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I wanted to have a chance to see if the Aimovig worked after I had my infusions finished at the Cleveland Clinic. Unfortunately, things did quite work out that way…. Read more »

I Feel so Alone in My Own Home

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I’ve been going through a pretty difficult bout of depression lately. Taking into account: the passing of my Grammy (still remains completely unhandled), the passing of Rob’s Grandpa (which triggered… Read more »

I Love My Neurologist and Here’s Why

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A week or so ago, I had my first follow-up appointment with my Neurologist, Dr. Ahmed, at the Cleveland Clinic. I’ve been saying for years that my migraines aren’t cluster… Read more »

Death and My Boys

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Recently, Rob’s Grandfather passed away. This is obviously having a profound effect, to varying degrees, on the family. I’m watching my poor husband suffer and I hate it. I hate… Read more »

Chronically Ill Thinking

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Part of being “The Chronic Mom” is being chronically ill. Lucky for me, most of my illnesses are invisible, you can’t tell from simply looking at me that I’m ill…. Read more »

Grief: The First Holidays

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Thursday is Thanksgiving. It’s typically my favorite holiday. I’m just feeling ambiguous this year. Not everyone understands because in the last decade or so my extended family didn’t get together… Read more »