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Yesterday was a Good Day

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Today was a good day, or rather yesterday was a good day. I organized and sorted my socks – fun/walking socks and holiday/boring socks. Yes, I have different types; and… Read more »

#Aimovig vs Medicinal #Marijuana

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I wanted to have a chance to see if the Aimovig worked after I had my infusions finished at the Cleveland Clinic. Unfortunately, things did quite work out that way…. Read more »

Medical Marijuana and Me

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I’m not quite sure how I should start this post. It feels like writing this is still illegal somehow. I know this isn’t the reality or truth in the situation…. Read more »

So You Think You Know About Migraine Infusions

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Today was Day 1/4 of infusions for my chronic daily migraines. I’m not going to lie, things did not go according to plan. So I’m not sure what that means… Read more »

Aimovig: Savior or Bust?

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On Wednesday, January 16th, I received my first Aimovig, the new once a month injectable preventative which targets specific proteins related to the cause of migraines. My neurologist seems to… Read more »

I Feel so Alone in My Own Home

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I’ve been going through a pretty difficult bout of depression lately. Taking into account: the passing of my Grammy (still remains completely unhandled), the passing of Rob’s Grandpa (which triggered… Read more »

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