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I wanted to have a chance to see if the Aimovig worked after I had my infusions finished at the Cleveland Clinic. Unfortunately, things did quite work out that way.

I wasn’t prepared for my medicinal marijuana to become available so quickly, as I stated in my previous post I thought the process to be approved would be a long and exhausting one. I’ve only had one Aimovig injection by itself. No infusions. No marijuana. I don’t think that’s enough to make an educated determination. I’m not going to stop it until after I’ve seen my neurologist later this week to determine if I need to increase my dosage.

Now I’ve started the marijuana and been using it since February 28th. It works for my PTSD, which is amazing alone. I have noticed that even with the marijuana my migraine is still there persistently. Typically, I will smoke after the boys have left for school. If I am unable and need to wait for any reason, my migraine returns with vengeance and hurts like hell. So it’s likely I’ll need to increase the dose of my Aimovig. I’m not worried about increasing it. What’s one more shot, especially, because I have the marijuana to fall back on.

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Becky Wiren
Becky Wiren

At least now it seems like you have more tools to deal with pain.