Aimovig: Savior or Bust?

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On Wednesday, January 16th, I received my first Aimovig, the new once a month injectable preventative which targets specific proteins related to the cause of migraines. My neurologist seems to feel this is a good fit for me. Problem is that it won’t break-up the migraine from Hell that I have been living with for the past seven years. I need my infusions for that but that’s another post.

I received my prescription from my neurologist but for some unknown reason it had to be delivered by a pharmacy in the middle of nowhere. What’s even crazier is that little box above held a ton of paperwork and my injection. Yet it arrived in a huge box filled with gobs of bubble wrap, even more styrofoam, an ice block and my little bitty prescription.

All throughout my pregnancies with Elliott Richard and Emmett John I was on blood thinners. At least one injection in my arm every day. It hurt but left me completely unprepared for my first Aimovig infection. That sucker hurt! Rob gave it to me because I’m terrified of needles. We tried my left upper arm this time. I can use either of my upper arms, my stomach (no thank you), or my thighs. Next month I’m going to try my thigh and see if that hurts any less. So far, aside from the pain during the injection, I haven’t had any side effects. As suspected and expected, it hasn’t helped my migraine at all up to this point.

The Devil’s Needle

Now I play the “hurry up and wait” game. Some it works for, others it helps some what, and others it doesn’t do a damn thing. I figure I’ll give it about three months or three injections before I make my determination. I’m not sure if I want it to work or not. If it works, hopefully I have fewer migraines per month or less pain. Then again, if it works I’m sentenced to a long-time on painful, monthly injections. Yay?

Here’s hoping for some sort of possitive outcome in the end. No matter what it may be.